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Here is the first FIVE MINUTES from each speaker’s presentation.
The full videos are 40 minutes to an hour each, and are available as a collection in 720p HD on a 32GB jump drive for just $25 delivered! (CLICK HERE TO ORDER)

Michael O’Sedona (conference producer) says, “WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING”
Todd Denny… more than just a Frisbee Champion!
Surprise Guest Isaac Mars Gets Into Detail on Frequency and Love
James Rink Discusses Super Soldier Programs and Other Limited Access Topics
Etienne de la Boetie2 And His Book: Government: The Biggest Scam in History…Exposed!
Carla Darin and Her Message Through Scripture of Fighting Our Giants
Dr. Lanchbury Lets Loose on the Lies Lining the Scamdemic
Arcturus Ra Goes Deeper into the Exo-Physics Regarding Health and Med-Beds
Clifford Mahooty Says Enough Is Enough In His Presentation on Awakening
Tom Dongo Shows Pictures of Human Extraterrestrials…and More!

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