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Photos from the Conference

In Chronological order of the presenters, here are photos from the conference…

Michael added some music to his Wake Up And Do Something presentation
Todd Denny – University Professor
Michael Lucarelli Guitar Virtuoso
Isaac Mars Talks on the Power of Love
James Rink – Super Soldier Program

Etienne de la Boetie2 (Howard Lichtman) on the Scam that is the Government

Sunday Morning Music for Christ!
Carla Darin – Sunday Morning Service
Dr. Lanchbury Reveals the Truth on the Fakedemic

Arcturus Ra – Alien Tech and the Med Bed
Damiyr – Heart of Gold and a Voice of Silver
Clifford Mahooty – Ancient People and Their Predictions for Now

Tom Dongo – Energy, Frequency, and the Human Condition

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